anxiety attacks while driving on highways

It's a horrible feeling. I've had anxiety episodes on and off for over 20 years. Recently, after a horrible divorce, I find that whenever I get on a highway and have to drive at least 20 min ,I go into a panic attack and I feel like I have vertigo. I can't keep the steering wheel straight and I feel as though I'm leaning to the left. The only thing that has helped is taking a Xanax before I drive. BTW...I'm fine driving local. It's really scary and I dread driving.... Any suggestions from other people that have experienced this..besides Xanax?


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  • I used to be like that when I had to drive on a busy freeway. Local I was fine too. It was only when I was going somewhere I wasn't sure about. Every time I got in my car I had to call my mom to talk to me to keep my mind off of it. A lot of times I would have to pull over and just breathe. I don't remember what finally stopped it. Sorry, I know that's not help. But I do know I made sure I always had a good song on to sing to and a water next to me. Gum always seemed to help too. I never left the house without my sunglasses. I have sensitive eyes and bright lights brought it on sometimes. I think eventually I was doing it without having attacks that I kinda got over it and stopped thinking about it.

    I hope this helps. You are not alone.

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