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Guys, I am having a little bit of chest pain, and I am just feeding it with the fact that I am getting a heart attack. I have been already told by my doctors that I am cardiacaly FIT. So i won't be getting a heart any time soon. But I am really scared right now, I just think this is another way of getting an anxiety attack. Please help guys, help me talk it out.

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Chest pain grows more powerful when you get more worried!

It is vicious cycle because when you are worried your mind that cause adrenaline to flow and that makes your stomach churn!!

And when your stomach churn you feel more worried and that cause more adrenaline and than that increases stomach churn!!

Just do not try to suppress that stomach churn!!

Try to go with flow try to stay engaged and try to have some ice cream that will reduce stomach churn!!

Have some cold drink, I usually take ice cream!!!

That will somewhat break that vicious cycle!!


Yeah, I actually just a had a bit ice cream....

It helped


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