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Acceptance is power!!

In physical condition it is not good when someone says that you have cancer or TB, it feels bad but in psychological condition it comes as relief as doctor says that you have GAD or OCD or SAD. Because that makes you understand those weird feeling you feeling are not only you are feeling and there are so many others and it is curable!!

To get diagnosed and to accept your psychological condition is the first major step in your progress of this journey!!

And I do not want to discourage or disappoint you anyone here but those who are in initial stages they think after going to psychiatrist he will give you some magic pills and then you will be yourself again,

No that is not true!!

Once you have any anxiety issue it takes long time to heal!!Please be patient and do not let disappoint this fact but try to accept it!!

Anxiety is not any problem it is just the state of mind that reacts differently to normal situation!!

You just need to try to change it slowly and with perseverance and with help of people around you!!

It will take time, It may take years, months and also so many years(Exceptional cases!!)

But it wont be instant like physical diseases!!

We do not cure anxiety we manage it!

When we were normal anxiety was there but we used to manage it because it was our nature and now something changed because of different reasons for different people!!

But we can learn to manage it slowly!!

Let me take my example!!

I was topper of my state before this problem and now I cant read books even for ten minutes, before this problem I used to read for hours because of chest burn, lightheadness and restlessness and RLS I cant read like before but I am trying slowly!!

Taking time to study five ten minutes and slowly!!

I am just cripple when it comes to reading , It is not easy to accept when reading is all you have done in your life but when I was not in acceptance state and I was asking questions to God why me and why I cant read like before it was just making me miserable but

instead after long struggle and after reading so many articles about anxiety(surprisingly when I read about this problem on net this anxiety is at its lowest , I just forget it for some moments!!)

I was slowly understanding that this is your reality and you just cannot go into your past with some magic pills but you can move forward and can try to slowly read!!

And that is what I am doing!!

To solve this problem you just need to increase those moments when you forget this problem of yours ,

those moments when you are not inside your mind but you are in present and enjoying life around you!!

You just need to increase these moments and that will be time when you will have this moments more than your anxious moments and that day you can say that you are on right path!!!

Hope this would be good read I just wanted to vent out and maybe this would be helpful to others also!!!

Let me know your responses!!!

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" Live in the moment, and not in your mind "

That does help a lot, crazy how the mind can get carried away at times


You will always have my attention mate. Your story is so like mine, that I could literally copy paste it in a new post.

I think I have the patience and time to outrun my problems. I am looking forward for some medical help in a few days, and that should do it. I am just not sure of how to be positive. I am doing a great job according to me so far now, Let's just say I am able to do that for the rest of my life.

I am glad that I have this site and people like you around me to relate to, and not feel abondoned and alone with it.


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