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Anxiety is s**T!!!

Just wanted to say that Anxiety is absolutely crap, its by far the most complicated of all issues. Just as soon as i think i've dealt with one feeling in my body another one comes a long. I think if we look at ourselves and say F*** you anxiety your not going to get the better of me maybe it will help, but that alone causes more issues, we ten have to say this all the time. WHEN WILL IT ALL END!!!!!!!

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I know this feeling all too well. Write me if you need someone to talk to


Seriously!! I wish I could take anxiety by the throat and throw it out the window!!



Has spooning your Girlfriend at night stopped working you were highly recommending that the other day

Maybe you could change your title and like your other word where you have used *** put s**t instead it does read nicer for some users I always think , your call though just a thought

Best way is to tell the anxiety where to go , imagine your fears in a bubble , put your worries & fears in that bubble , have a good look at them , look at them all around & as you do start to do this slowly distance yourself from the fears , see them as less important & as you get further away then see a puff of smoke blowing them all up , not sure if this explains it well but can help you to let go and even when the creep back in again because sometimes they do as that is anxiety then in your imagination pop them back in that bubble & use they same method again , may not work for everyone but for some it does x


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