Anxiety Support

Late Night Anxiety "Update"

So last night, I posted about how I was dealing with some mild panic/anxiety because of some chest pains etc etc. I ended up just watching some videos on YouTube, people telling stories, people talking about their own anxiety experiences and what they do to help their mind at ease, & next thing I knew I was out cold. Woke up in the morning feeling great, although emotionally I'm a little stressed, Mentally I'm fine.

It's amazing how one moment you can be great just going about your day & BOOM the panic hits you like a train for no apparent reason. Much love to all of you who are dealing with this, we're not alone and the fact that we all have each other to talk to is the best medicine for anyone dealing with anxiety, PTSD, or any panic disorder.

Thank you to all of those who offered Advice Last night, Feel free to shoot me a message anytime any of you are dealing with anything like that . ! (:

- Tabuu


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