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Feeling hopeless and useless

Hi I'm Leony 30yrs old and I'm 20weeks pregnant.I Dont know what's happening to me or its just really a part of my pregnancy..I felt worried all the time for no reason and scared going out..I had panic attack few weeks ago and it really scared me..I am now scared intering in the groceries, subway station,bus and even going out just to walk around. My feet and hand gets cold and I felt hot on my face., I can't control my heart beat and couldn't breath well, and I felt that I'm going to faint..I have my doctors appointment next week but I am really freaking scared to go out..Does anybody experience same way like mine.?.I really feel hopeless and useless at the same time..😯😢

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Firstly you are certainly not hopeless or useless

Pregnancy involves so many hormonal changes and can affect some women where others it doesn't , could be the hormonal changes that are contributing to how you are feeling

I have had all the same feelings you do , in fact this week I went to the Doctors after putting it of for weeks & weeks through fear & the relief I felt after for going when I forced myself to get there made me want to kick myself putting myself through weeks of holding on to everything when that one appointment made me feel so much better so try & I know it is not easy to but force yourself to keep your appointment and when you go tell them how you are feeling so they can give you some support , meanwhile be kind to yourself , you deserve it :-) x


Hi, thanks for the response..I really have to try all my best to be on my appointment although it really gonna be heard coz I have to take subway or taxI.my mind is really not helping me..lots of negative thoughtthough that's popping up..and I hate this..It's a big help that I'm not alone in this situation but it's not really fun having this..can't even walk around w/ my son in the park or even play in the backyard which I used to do before..big thanks for encouragement..just keeping my fingers cross to cope w/ it..God bless us


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