Tinnitus and anxiety

Hi im new to the forum until recently nit had any anxiety for years ! Had a bereavement in december , thought I was handling it ok , but 5 weeks ago had a bit of sinus pain and the next morning my usually very low tinnitus which I have had for years and never really noticed was through the roof ! To say I got anxious was an understatement I couldnt sleep or eat properly due to my high anxiety levels , perhaps it reminded me of the days when I first got tinnitus and was anxious then ?? Anyway im finally controlling the anxiety but im so distracted by my ears as keep thinking what if it doesnt die down etc , hopefully it is because of the high pollen as my eustachian tubes do struggle when I have alot of mucus , anyone else experience T flare ups due to hayfever/ sinus etc


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  • I get a lot of sticky wax (TMI!) in my ears a lot which makes them feel full and uncomfortable, plus the wax sets off ringing which is very irritating.

    This started after a very stressful period in my life some five years ago. Before that I'd never had any problems with my ears filling with wax at all.

  • Hi

    My ears are clear , its fluid behind the ear drum that causes the problem;( as I have so much muchs my eystachian tubes dont drain it properly , at its worse when I pop my ears if your sat next to me it sounds like a squeaky toy ! Its got a bit better but my T is louder , hoping it will go back to baseline when it all clears up

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