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Stomach issues\ fear of vomit


Since anxiety, I have been having ongoing stomach problems which mainly includes constant nausea. It can be anywhere from mild to severe and I mean this is literally everyday.. A constant feeling like I'm about to vomit which I also fear very badly. Maybe one of my biggest fears overall. I just can't face it. Other stomach problems could include a churning and wierd feeling in there. Sometimes like there's a pit. There's days when I literally can't eat. Smell of food just makes me more sick. Like today, I barely ate.

I always get some wierd feelings and there really scary but my stomach is the worst, I hate this constant nausea! Feels like some near death experience...

But how can I cope with this?

What should I do?

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I do not experience the vomiting. However, I do experience chest tightness and when I mentally give in to these feelings, the anxiety intensifies. The best thing to do for the nausea feeling is to just accept that it is the anxiety causing you this feeling. As my therapist told me, " You just have to ride on it." Act like you are on a roller coaster. You will not be stuck on the ride forever. It will end eventually. This can be applied to anxiety.


Katie I don't vomit either but there's days when the anxiety gets extreme where I feel on the verge of vomiting. It's really hard for me to just ride it out cause its constant and I really fear vomiting.


Hi there, I've vomited twice in the last 2 months from my anxiety being extreme. Just don't blame yourself Hun. Keep calm n breath. Inbox me if you like to talk anytime xo


Sigh. I'm afraid of vomiting.


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