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Attention people in relationships with anxiety! I need your advice

Hey everyone I've been getting so many different opinions but I want people's opinions who have anxiety like me!

Can anxiety make you doubt your relationship with someone you have spent 3 years or more with? I'm asking cuz I am with the perfect person but since we moved in together my anxiety has been extreme n I'm obsessing over the doubts I've developed once we moved in together. this has been going on everyday for just over 9 weeks!!! It's killing me.

We are now having a 4-5 week seperation trial to see if I can think clearly on what I want. I have moved back to my parents.

Is something missing on my half for the feelings and that's why I feel the way I do ? Or am I just anxious/depressed and it's causing my doubt?

My family n friends say it's cuz I realised deep down it's not the right relationship for me even though I knew it was before the move in!!

Please help me

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Rachms11. Want to help. How old are you? Is this the first person you have lived with? are you afraid you might be making a leap to a marriage in the future? Get back to me private if you you want.

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Hiya lovely yes anxiety can do that definitely its happend to me myself ive been in a relationship for 4 yours now an anxiety is causing these feelings.. Dont worry it will get better by time hopefully just try not to take your anger out on your partner because am sure he will always be there to support you.. These feelings are just because of anxiety and depression.. Hope this helped and if you ever need to talk yu can message me :) xx

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Been with my fiancé for three years! And I majorly felt this way. If you have anxiety it's most likely the anxiety! If you look it up it says that anxiety makes you doubt many, many things. Especially things you tend to love the most such as your significant other and if you're allowing your mind to dwell on these doubtful thoughts it'll get worse. Don't give these doubts and thoughts any power! That's what I had to do, just remind myself how silly I was being and that those doubts aren't even true. Had to remind myself every day and still do sometimes (my fiancé is a great man by the way and treats me like gold) but for me it's just anxiety. Hope this can relieve your mind or help in some way!


Thanks for your replies everyone! It means a lot xx I'm 23 and yes this is the first time I've moved out of home and lived with someone. I'm still worried I'm not feeling "all there" with him and we have not much in the way of common goals anymore either... What do I do? I can see myself single again and travelling around and not letting anyone hold me back. I have done for 2 months. Is it to late to change? Or is it worth it? My gut instinct is still telling me it's not right :/


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