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I'm just wondering why every little thing and feeling in my body sends me crying about myself, thinking that it's gonna be something really bad going on inside of me. Why is it that the people around me who have REAL symptoms don't even seem to care about what they have. I'm so scared, I always think I have the big C and I'm only 19 and I don't want to live like this but it's never that easy...

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Waiting 2 months for diagnosis. 1 . anxiety, stress.2 irregular heartbeat. 3 . overactive thyriod. Monday cardiologist. Think about it all day,nightmare.


Has something happened recently to make you start worrying about your health?


Not really. Just a famous person in my country died young from Lung Cancer in his 20's then it was all over the news and that's when I started obsessing over every small symptom in my body and cancer... Maybe it was because I never thought it's that possible and I started panicking about it :(


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