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Tight Muscles

So thanks to my constant prodding of my pelvis (literally digging my fingers around my stomach to try and "find something") along with some constipation, my pelvic muscles feel like they are really tight. I don't have any pain but from my hips and wrapping around my legs, it feels tight. I also have tremors/spasms there and I don't believe this is related to my doctor visit since....well....this only started a few days ago.

I also think this is contributing to the constipation because it feels like the muscles are just not doing what they should be doing. Is there anything I can do to loosen these muscles?

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Hi. Walking is generally good for loosening muscles around lower body and legs. Gets the circulation going. For the constipation, look for dietary changes and you could try massaging the bowel area. Just lie flat and with the heel part of the hand, and starting under the ribs, move the hand in a gentle, circular motion down the left side of body and back up over the right side. If it's not uncomfrotable apply a little pressure. Might give some relief.

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