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Help Please

I have severe panic attacks, I'm going on my 10th day straight as of today. These first started just before my 18th birthday and NO one knows why! I am 20 years old now! I feel like I'm coming out of my body, and at times like I'm falling , but neither one is actually happening, I've had tons of tests done Nothing was found everything is NORMAL>soooo frustrating< I have a huge FEAR of dieing, and FEAR that I am going to quit breathing! DOES ANYONE ELSE GO THROUGH ANY OF THIS? What can I do? I can't live alone or even take care of myself, my grandma helps everyday! (mom is passed away) I just want to have some kind of life, some kind of control over this stuff, I don't wanta die!!!!

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Right calm yourself,down missy you are not going to die trust me and as for the feeling of leaving your body I no,exactly what you mean when my attacks first started I was convinced that my "soul" was leaving my body. I was worse when I tried to lie down I promise you you will get better take control of it, I am still quite bad with mine now just keep telling yourself it's all anxiety and your fine xxx


The only thing really helped me besides mediation is Chinese acupuncture and the herbs. I feel much better and when something start to bother me, I just make an appoitment with my Chinese doctor. He is awesome and saves me every time .


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