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I have severe panic attacks, I'm going on my 10th day straight as of today. These first started just before my 18th birthday and NO one knows why! I am 20 years old now! I feel like I'm coming out of my body, and at times like I'm falling , but neither one is actually happening, I've had tons of tests done Nothing was found everything is NORMAL>soooo frustrating< I have a huge FEAR of dieing, and FEAR that I am going to quit breathing! DOES ANYONE ELSE GO THROUGH ANY OF THIS? What can I do? I can't live alone or even take care of myself, my grandma helps everyday! (mom is passed away) I just want to have some kind of life, some kind of control over this stuff, I don't wanta die!!!!


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  • Right calm yourself,down missy you are not going to die trust me and as for the feeling of leaving your body I no,exactly what you mean when my attacks first started I was convinced that my "soul" was leaving my body. I was worse when I tried to lie down I promise you you will get better take control of it, I am still quite bad with mine now just keep telling yourself it's all anxiety and your fine xxx

  • The only thing really helped me besides mediation is Chinese acupuncture and the herbs. I feel much better and when something start to bother me, I just make an appoitment with my Chinese doctor. He is awesome and saves me every time .

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