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well this time next week i should be going on my holiday to celebrate my 40th......new york for 5 nights, however ive hit a lull in my diagnosis, im waiting on all the relevant tests to see if my right bundle branch block is due to a congenital heart defect, coronary disease or merely just one of those things, with my luck i think the latter is unlikely.

the EP i saw last week said to go on my holiday and take my bisoprolol as a PIP in case i had another episode, also said if i have insurance then no need to worry as america has some of the best hospitals in the world so ill be in safe hands,

my wife has sort of guessed im not really excited as i would usually be for a holiday, im in two minds to not go and sit and wait for my tests, ive gone from an outgoing happy 40 yr old to a nervous worrying wreck whos constantly googling my condition and the prognosis of it, which is nearly always terrible....

has anyone else felt like this with theyre diagnosis and how did you overcome it as at the moment its ruining mine my wifes and two beautiful young daughters lives

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