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citalopram 40mg


ive been on citalopram 20mg for years. quite a lot of ill health over last few years and over last few months had noticed myself stopping doing things, eg going into town, I just wanted to stay inside. went docs yesterday with urine infection and told him how I felt, to be honest I feel useless, (ive always been one to help other people, but just cant be bothered at moment), that's awful I know, he put my citalopram up to 40mg and is arranging counselling. he also said if I don't improve, I will have to slowly come off citalopram and be without anything until he can start something knew.

I would love to hear from anyone who can offer advice how to cope, and make things better. my husband is excellent, ive two sons 36/30 who don't seem very supportive, I know they have their lives to live, but it hurts me.

sorry so long a post

wishing everyone with these horrible symptoms a better and happier future x

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Maybe there comes a point where you have to increase your meds,if youve had alot happening in your life you maybe need a boost,20mg is such a low dose so 40-50g is not that much either but taking that amount might be all you need,or ask your gp to try a different med maybe citalapram is not for you,im on amitriptyline and apparantly is the main one docs use,I was only on 30mg but recently felt my anxiety creeping in again&obviously experiencing all horrid symptoms that come with it,im upped to 40mg just under 2weeks ago and im improving slightly,just speak to your gp again&ask about maybe changing but before that try your current med at a higher dose!!maybe cbt therapy mite work for you too as it helped me 2 years ago,good luck and remember your not on your own.


thank you. doctor has made arrangements to see me again, to see if citalopram is working or not.

glad your improving slightly. x


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