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Not sure when my health anxiety will end

Back again .. I'm sure you guys are getting tired of me. Anyways, visited the gastro specialist today who does not think I have cancer but a constipation problem which was a big relief. After taking a laxative I noticed the symptoms I have been having did not occur. Then after I ate dinner and layed down I started thinking about the conversation with the doctor. He asked me if I had trouble swallowing or if food gets caught in my throat. I said no because at the time I didn't think it did. When I lay down my throat is always tight if I lay in a certain position, which is happening now. I'm really over all of these symptoms and just want to be able to relax and enjoy life without thinking about all of these symptoms. I think I am going to seek help about this issue.

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We will never get tired of hearing from you. Your concerns are scaring you and I want to help, You are not alone.


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