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Hi i am 22years of age i am married with two kids one is 7 and one is 8mnths....i just found out that i am pregnant with my third child i am 7 weeks....the doctor also told me that the pregnancy caused anxiety/panic so scared everyday i feel so distant from my husband and family....i wonder everyday if if i will feel like myself again...i think i have all of the symptoms of anxiety. ...i cry everyday im backwards and forward to the hospital everything came back normal it always feel like im having a heart attack cant breath just so scared and dont know what to do and i just dont except the fact that i am healthy....can some one give me someone reply with help....

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You are so young with two children and a third on the way, would it be possible for the Dad to be with you at this time as He should be giving you comfort and understanding at this time.

Your GP has tried to settle you and explain nothing is wrong, Anxiety can make us sensitized to our bodies and of course this is counter productive as you will be worried about the pregnancy and if you need some form of support you can worry for no real reason. Also I understand your family, also husband are not near to give support can you not visit them as I do not know the reasons for this parting.

When it comes to medications, your GP will be reluctant to supply medications to calm you down. I understand anti natal clinics can give you coping techniques and can explain relaxation techniques. Can you remember what you learned from the last two pregnancy.

Of course here there are many I suppose that have gone through the Anxiety you are suffering from due to expecting a child, so wait around someone will pick up the problem you are suffering from as I have no children and now a pensioner



Thank you..



You are young & expecting your 3rd child that is quite a lot of pressure for anyone even someone a lot older I think would be starting to feel the pressure , but let's stay positive & if this 3rd child will complete your family then as they are growing up you will still be young enough to enjoy yourself & you will start to feel more like you again , sometimes though it can take a little while & maybe this could be your hormones contributing some what to how you feel , I know you may not have felt this way with the other two pregnancies but every pregnancy can be different & as you get more into this one you may settle down a little or even altogether

Is it just since you got pregnant this time that you have started to feel anxious or were you suffering before ? If it is when you got pregnant this time the chances are it will improve , if you were already suffering with anxiety then your doctor should & if you find you cannot cope very well they could refer you for some counselling , you could ask your doctor about this

Also you will soon be allocated a midwife , who fingers crossed will be a good one that you build up a relationship with & do not hesitate to confide in her if you are still struggling

We do tend to withdraw when we have anxiety , we don't always understand what is happening to us , so we do not know how to tell loved ones how we are feeling but please if you have a good relationship with your husband & family try & let them know as even if they do not totally understand they can be a great support just knowing you can talk to them as well as maybe giving you a break from your other two children so you can have some time just for you which I think we really need

Everyone will understand on here how anxiety affects you so this is somewhere now you can come & talk :-) x


Thank you

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