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I now have anxiety and it started after I was getting stoned on a j. I smoked it became sober and had an attack. I went to the hospital. I had chest tightness and short of breath and my neck hurt so I was scared of a heart attack. The doctors have said everything looked fine. I quit for 2weeks and just smoked 4 puffs of a j and Noe I have chest tightness and shortness of breath. What is causing this

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Hi Matt, I have no experience of it and can only suggest you talk to your gp about your symptoms, or call 111 for advice now if you need to.

maybe ask your gp to refer you to a drugs counsellor, or you could csll a drugs helpline for advice.




Hi Matt I'm Claire my panic attacks started from my sister makin some space cake, I don't smoke or smoke so I tried it in a cake and from that day I've suffered everyday and that was almost 2 years ago, it's not good and I wish I never had eaten the cake xxx


Hay with weed you get stoned the gigs munch but you can get panic attacks anxiety from smoking it i use smoke it back in the day dont now use get that so stopped just came on one day it is a drug prob that doing it with pro long use some get some dont get it weed gets stronger now days with all crap in it


I only know 3 people who have regularly smoked weed and its caused paranoia in all 3 and Schizophrenia in 1. I can see no benefits of it at all. Yes it may be calming short term but you are even having negative effects now.




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