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Could Someone Please Help Me

My anxiety is so bad this morning. It's been bad since yesterday. I have this gross taste in the back of my throat which I attribute to phlegm but it makes me think I have something else wrong and then my throat feels sick and I start to think I will be and I PANIC SO MUCH. It is not like the thought of eating grosses me out. It doesn't. But if I smell a smell that's like sickness, I like freak out and start tasting that smell. Can that taste be due to phlegm as I am fighting a cold.

I want to sleep but I am so anxious, I can't. And I'm scared and this is just hasn't been such a great day. My mom won't listen to me anymore and I don't blame her, but J just feel really trapped. I feel like my own body is my enemy and I just want to not be scared anymore. The taste thing didn't starts until the cold started with the phlegm and I just don't know what it is and I'm really frightened and tired but I cannot get myself to relax enough to sleep. My mom keeps telling me it's just a cold, but this is the first time I've been sick with anxiety so it feels different and worse and like I cannot calm myself down. And I can visualize something bad happening so clearly, I don't know how to stop those thoughts!

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I have the same thoughts I always think the worst but thats not the case....when you have aniexty thats what far as your throat i think thats from you cold nothing to worry about but of course you are so that brings on the aniexty like i said i have the samething....i had a breast reduction 2 yrs ago almost in may and today my right breast is sore of course you think the worst...i have a doc app tomorrow so if its still sore i will bring it up....but even knowing i am going tomorrow is bringing on aniexty....agious nevous, light headed i hate that feeling


I think that's really hard and a struggle for you, not having your mum still believe your situation. In honesty it's hard for people to support others when they don't understand at all, they can't unless they have been through it. It's just being human.

Have you tried night nurse for a good sleep.

Could it be tooth paste or mouth wash that your using that could be leaving some after affect in your mouth throat area.


I am freaking out that I have a cold AND flu. Its been years since the last time I had the latter and my brain tries to match up what im feeling to that. Im like, "well, did you have the same throat and taste thing?" But I am trying to tell myself tha. I am not nauseus or anything and the thought of fpod doesnt gross me out, but the thought isnt going in! And the gross taste started put of the blue. But I am literally flipping out


Traibooks you must be positive your mind can be your own enemy. Try reading motivational and self help books. Here is a good video below:

Have an awesome day cause you deserve it!


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