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Hi, Recently I have been going through a hard time, it has been for the last 3 months and I cant seem to shake how I'm feeling. I moved from Wrexham to Canterbury to be with my boyfriend and be closer to my sister, I moved down at the end of August ready to start uni at Canterbury College in the September. At the end of October he left me for someone else, I still love him dearly and for the last three months I've still had to live with him. Its been horrible as not only did I see him at home I saw him in college to and with his new GF as they are in the same class, its upset me no end and I've been to the doctors about my anxiety and they have put me on a calming tablet. I don't like the idea of being on them because I've been told they can be addictive and I wouldn't want that. I went to the doctor after he brought her round to the house and I couldn't cope seeing them together. I have my own little rented room now but it just makes me feel alone but I feel like a burden for everyone else so I try to stay away. We have reasons for splitting up which I'm not going to go into. I just cant get over it and move on does anyone have any advice as it is really affecting me as I'm constantly thinking, upset/crying, feeling down and energy less and have had many breakdowns, I've tried talking to family and friends but I just feel I'm making everyone awkward around me.

Thanks for reading.

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I understand how you must be feeling. I found my husband in bed with another woman after seeing his motorcycle outside her house. I had my three young children with me which included my five week old son . I stayed in the marriage for 20yr after. Twenty precious wasted years of my life until I finally left him. You are young and have your whole life ahead of you. Everyday you spend hurting and mourning over your ex is days of your life wasted . I have suffered panic and anxiety for over 38 yrs . Try Googling Mindfulness. Its today that counts not yesterday or tomorrow. Be kind to yourself . Accept that your relationship just wasnt meant to be. Hopefully you will meet your lifes partner and wish you had not wasted your days grieving over what was never meant to be . I wish you happiness x


Thank you ilsonbunny I will try looking at this Mindfulness. Its not getting over the hurt or relationship part that is getting to me although it is hard its the anxiety that worries me the most, which isn't very helpful and I don't know what to do. That's why I thought I would ask for peoples advice before I thought about going to a professional. Even today when my Ex isn't here hes at his new Gfs and i'm at my sisters i'm always worrying that if I come around to see my sister or nephews in the week they will be here which is what I dread. Thank you again x


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