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Here we are again anxiety !

So I have been so good for weeks and since last week I have constent anxiety. I went to see my family on Friday and that got worst after it got better when I got home. Whole Saturday I had shortness of breath and today was ok till afternoon and then it started again. I am so tired , cannot even get out bed. I am start thinking maybe this is medical and I should go to the ER to have it check out. It feel like my kidney are failing , my chest is heavy , my hart is pumping extra strong ang my lungs are going to explode . I really don't know what to do . When is this going to end .

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Hi Agu,

Just saying and hi, and this anxiety stinks doesn't it? Was it the visit to your family that started it?

You will calm down, deep breaths and try to relax, easier said than done.

I am sure your symptoms are all anxiety, but if it eases your mind then do get it checked out.xx


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