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Sternum Pain

I'm really anxious tonight. Early today my dog of 200lbs decided to come and sit on my chest and snuggle with me for 15min. My chest never hurt after, but now almost 6 hours later whenever I straighten out my back it hurts and feels like a bruising pain. It only hurts when I do that, otherwise if I'm slouching it doesn't hurt at all. I have a history of health anxiety so my natural thought is that I am having a heart attack and something is seriously wrong with me. What do you guys think? Is my anxiety making the pain worse?

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Yes , just relax and tell yourself it will go away. Everything will be fine, the dog was a bit heavy and it's normal to feel the back pain , the dog was pretty heavy. Hope you feel better god bless.


Lets be realistic here. A 200 lbs dog was lying on your chest for 15 minutes... 200lbs!!! So you can draw two conclusions from your current chest pain: 1. You are having a heart attack (even though a heart attack would have continuous that is not relieved by movement), or 2. You have just have a Goliath sit on your chest for 15 minutes and your chest kinda got a little hurt by the whole thing. Relax buddy


Yes anxiety is it if you were having a heart attack it would of happened plus that's a heavy dog maybe should not allow him to do that a anxiety is a real mother f***** it's ruined my life don't let it ruin your


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