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Vision problems/heart

Hey everyone, I am new to this and wanted to give it a try because I'm not sure where eles to turn. I went through a very tramatic situation about a year ago. I held it in from my parents who are my biggest supporters for a few months and finally told them and emotionally I feel like I went down hill from there. I seen every doctor possible for every sympoom I thought I was having. I was told all of my "symptoms" we're from anxiety. The one that has not gone away was the change in my vision. I feel like I am not here, like everything seems off and that I am in a dream, solid colors I see always have a blotchy look to them, I feel off balance or scared I will fall, it's so hard to explain & I feel so silly but I live in constant fear every single day. One more thing that has recently been happeneing..I got very angry the other day and took both of my fist and punched my chest pretty much like King kong, hard enough to where it hurts when I touch it now. And his morning I felt a tiny pinch in my chest that came and went a few times. I was out drinking last night, are horrible food and then ate horribke again this morning on top of horrible anxiety right now. Help..?

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These may be of some interest to you, however I must explicitly caution against self-diagnosis and reading too much into oneself via the internet.

I used to experience this in bouts, usually lasting a few days to a week, sometimes several weeks if my stress/anxiety levels were high. About a year ago, I went through one in a series of major life traumas since childhood. This one, however, seemed to have been the ''straw which broke the camel's back'', as I've been in a perpetual state of derealization / depersonalization since. I also experience intense visual phenomena, including visual snow, photophobia, floaters, trails, etc.

As far as your cardiovascular concerns, I can't imagine the pounding you gave yourself could have caused any serious trauma/damage. If you continue feeling pain, or if it worsens, it may be pertinent to see a doctor just to be safe.




Thank you guys for you advice. I'm going through it right now and it's as though I'm a prisoner to this. I seen a lot about the depersonalization and I've been to theripist and psychologist and they have never mentioned that. So I always feel at a loss.


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