Restless legs syndrome (citolapram)

Hi guys I've been on citolapram for 4 days now ,and l have had all the common side affects ,constant yawning ,nausea ,feeling very tired ,dizziness ! But I have not slept all night cause My legs started to feel very weird about 2.00 this morning it's been so annoying all night and I have still got it now :-( and i have just googled this and it seems I have (RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME ) :-(

Has anyone expirenced this whilst on (CITOLAPRAM) ???

Thanks guys !!!

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  • Hi yes I'm on the same medication and these caused me to get restless leg syndrome it's so annoying mainly comes on at night no matter what u do you crnt get comfy get some muscle rub this helps me or see ur dr hope u feel better :)

  • Thanks very much ! how long have u had it for ? How long does restless leg syndrome last for ? What anxiety do u have ? It's so frustrating when I carn't as it is then this arrrrrrrr just wanna scream out loud why me :-( ! sorry to ask three questions after one another lol thanks though ...

  • I have it too but only really in bed at night . I guess im used to it as it happens when pregnant . Which i can see your not lol. If it bothers you too much maybe change the citalopram

  • Thanks see how it goes hopefully it clears ! What meds are u on ? ...

  • I've been on meds for 2 years had all side affects but they worn off after a couple of weeks i still get restless leg syndrome at night but I've learnt to deal with them I have health anxiety /hypochondria and panic attacks there dreadfull :( been like this for 10 years started when I was 17 not good

  • I dont think its from the medication. I have had restless legs syndrome for years on and off. Dont take anything for it... Just get up and walk around. Make a sandwich, eat a bowl of cereal but always standing, walk for about ten minutes. Stretch etc etc. by the time i get back to bed its gone. I get it in cinemas, planes you name it. I just get up and walk...

  • I dont think you should take any medicine for RLS , even I have it for long time and I am managing it.

    I am working as software engineer so I have to sit all time ,

    specially in long meetings it is difficult to sit.

    But I have never taken pills for that!!

    If anyone know any technique to reduce this problemn just post it!!

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