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Hey guys been dealing with crazy anxiety, it's all concentrated around my breathing and it geta really scary sometimes. I worry I have lung cancer or emphazema or somthing crazy but my doctor said my lungs sound just fine? Latley I've found myself breathing through my mouth "loudly" on purpose just to show myself that I am actually still breathing and now it feels like I can't stop and I'm breathing weird and the more I think about it the worse it gets, i just dont know what to do. Anyone else deal with anxiety breathing issues :( ?

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Hi , yes sometimes oh takes over my entire daily thoughts , at the moment I'm sat sipping a chamomile tea I find this helps to calm me & get my breathing more natural so I'm not thinking or trying to hard.Im Soo awake bit hopefully can relax enough to get a few hours in , I have to eat or drink I think that workd for me. hope this helps, it's all about ideas see what works for us all. Big hugs Binkynoo.xx


Yes I do and I make it worse because I have emphazema some times I have to keep sighing to get my breath back.take slow breaths and try and do something read or watch tv to take your mind off it.its a horrible feeling but try to think its your anxiousness and there is nothing wrong with your lungs.i know it's easy to say that to you but you will get through it. Xx


Yes, I find that when Im anxious my breathing has usually gone right out of whack. When I realise this breathing feels unnatural and forced and then I panic because I can't get my breath. I've been given lots of exercises for this by a CBT therapist.

1) Breath in for 4 seconds and out for 6 seconds - this feels HORRIBLE to start with but place your hand on your diaphragm to help pay attention to the rise and fall. The awkwardness of this will start to loosen after about a minute. Keep going until you feel calmer/easier.

2) Breathing properly! - most people (especially when anxious I was told) will breath just using their chest - which is shallow breathing. This will feel tighter and restricted when breathing which doesn't help the anxiety. So when you breathe, breathe in through your nose and imagine you are inflating a bag. The inflate would start from the bottom and work its way up. So when you breathe in your stomach should push out first, then your chest should rise as you properly fill up your lungs. When you breath out your chest should fall, then your stomach deflate - again practice for a couple of minutes when you feel anxious. Be careful with this one as you can feel a little light headed. So sit or lye down when you first start practicing.

I was hyperventilating for 4 weeks so I got sent to a breathing physio and then later had problems with anxiety which affected my breathing. These have helped me but because I practiced them. Please consult your doctor if you are unsure and want to try them :) best of luck xx


Yes! i have had this on and off for many years, the more you concentrate on your breathing the natural rhythm becomes erratic and once on that spiral it is impossible to stop. I also have the fear of going to bed and not breathing so my heart will stop. It is not easy to recommend to you that you must not focus on your breathing because its something beyond our control, if i could stop i would but its all down to anxiety. I am 67 years old now.


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