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Advise Needed

Hi All,

Not posted on here in months as things have been going great.................this was until about 2 weeks ago!!

I suffer from Health Anxiety and back in Nov'13 I had some stomach issues, doctors said it was IBS, stressed for 3 months it was Colon Cancer or some form or Cancer in this area.

Took some tablet (still am) and around mid Feb it went back to normal

Now I think I've linked it to Milk, Cheese, things like that, as 2 weeks ago I had cheese for 4 days in a row and Stomach issues came back, Bloated feeling, trapped wind, needing toilet more often.

2 weeks on and I'm on the toilet less, bloated less but still have trapped wind and mild constipation (Sorry) and my anxiety is kicking in BIG TIME!!!

Its cancer again, its now the Cancer kicking into over drive and that's why stomach isn't back to normal!

Logic should tell me its not, as it wouldn't have gone away for 5 months them come back!!

also I display no other symptoms!!!

I want to enjoy my life with my wife and kids!! but am so tired of it, I refuse to go back on tablets as they make me an emotionless zombie.

I also don't want to go back to the doctors.

Just cant remove these thoughts!

Sorry to go on


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Hi McKean.

I think it is a good idea you go back to the doctors.

Worrying doesn't help you, and sometimes, anxiety can create such problems as you describe.


I suffer from HA badly and know exactly how your mind is working.

My wife has severe IBS and wheat and dairy do the same to her as the symptoms you're experiencing.

Anxiety also makes her IBS much worse.


Hi I have Been suffering badly this year just like you describe though I have mouth /throat problems from wisdom teeth I think so of course I think I have cancer and the anxiety makes it so much worse. I really am having difficulty controlling my thoughts and don't know how much more I can cope with , this whole year seems to have just disappeared with me being introverted and worrying.I have FINALLY made an appointment with the dentist which I am praying will be straightforward as my two biggest phobias are dentists and general anethstetic so because of that the cycle starts all over again. If you find a way to stop theese thoughts please let me know as I having managed it yet!


If you are suffering anxiety and you are having all these problems it would be a good idea to tell the GP your fears He/She may be able to put your mind at rest. Anxiety can cause perceptions of health problems.

Wisdom teeth can be a problem, many people will not have them these days and sometimes they may be removed to give molars more room to erupt into the jaw. If you are so worried regarding dentist, general anesthetic it may be a good idea for you to ask regarding to sedation clinic that are attended in hospital

For the last twenty five years I have attended these clinics and it does help with dental anxiety.

Good Luck



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