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Heart tests all fine, heartburn a nightmare. Still worrying I'm going to have a heart attack :(((

Hi I'm 24, with 2 beautiful daughters I work full time. Over the past week I've started with panic attacks over having a heart attack. I'm so scared I've been drs 3 times had my pulse checked, blood pressure and an ECG all which came back normal. It's still in the back of my head and I have heartburn all day :((( it's doing my head in

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I am the exact Same I am currently lying in my bed mid panic as I have a sore pain in middle of my chest! I also have had many ECG's, blood work , monitor on for 24 hours everything has came bak bormal but this never eases my anxiety for long always comes bak and it's the same old routine run up to a&e or doctors for them to tell me it's all anxiety everything is fine! It's such a terrible thing anxiety it sure bows how to play with your mind x


I go through the same thing.

I can't stop going to the emergency room. I am in constant fear that they are missing out on something more serious. I get these pains through my entire left side. Is this something that occurs with you as well?

I have terrible chest pains, sweaty palms, leg cramps and numbness. Headaches on and off. I was a smoker for 9 years, so I fear something is wrong. Whatever this is has completely changed my entire life. I don't see my friends anymore, I can barely show emotion to my girlfriend. It's terrible.


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