Heart tests all fine, heartburn a nightmare. Still worrying I'm going to have a heart attack :(((

Hi I'm 24, with 2 beautiful daughters I work full time. Over the past week I've started with panic attacks over having a heart attack. I'm so scared I've been drs 3 times had my pulse checked, blood pressure and an ECG all which came back normal. It's still in the back of my head and I have heartburn all day :((( it's doing my head in


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  • I am the exact Same I am currently lying in my bed mid panic as I have a sore pain in middle of my chest! I also have had many ECG's, blood work , monitor on for 24 hours everything has came bak bormal but this never eases my anxiety for long always comes bak and it's the same old routine run up to a&e or doctors for them to tell me it's all anxiety everything is fine! It's such a terrible thing anxiety it sure bows how to play with your mind x

  • I go through the same thing.

    I can't stop going to the emergency room. I am in constant fear that they are missing out on something more serious. I get these pains through my entire left side. Is this something that occurs with you as well?

    I have terrible chest pains, sweaty palms, leg cramps and numbness. Headaches on and off. I was a smoker for 9 years, so I fear something is wrong. Whatever this is has completely changed my entire life. I don't see my friends anymore, I can barely show emotion to my girlfriend. It's terrible.

  • Go to you tube and look up sanjay gupta cardiologist. He is the cardiologist in york hosp uk. He has done loads of videos on the heart. After watching him you will feel a million times better. He explains everything in detail and puts your mind at rest. I will try find the one on the heart and anxiety for u. Uts helped me loads

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