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Think I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel

The last few months have been hell. I've had panic attacks every day. Not been out much and panicked every time I drove. I've been to hospital atleast 40 times this year for every time to say its anxiety. The worst symptoms for me is a rush feeling in my chest where my heart feels it slows ect and short of breath like I can't get a breath in of air.

I think it's final clicked tho still happens. I'm getting the sensations and instead of running to hospital I think stay calm and let it pass as I know going to hospital is a waste if my time. It passes eventually so I think I've made the first step! :). I hope it lasts. Any other ways I can get over this. Debilitating anxiety x ?

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im so glad you thinking positively now because staying calm has helped me too :)


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