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Panicking right now someone help

I went doctors today while i was there she did my blood pressure she kind of laughed and said oh you have low blood pressure i asked then is that danderous olis it normall and then she just said you could juat have low blood pressure i cant stop panicking i read symptoms and it says about ligh head dizzyness which i get all the time but i put it down to my anxiety can anyone help am so scared right now

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Try and stay calm,I know it's easier said than done.I had low blood pressure for a short while last year,it does cause lightheadedness etc,and of course so does anxiety.Also some meds can cause lowering of blood pressure.

Your scared right now,so your anxiety levels will be rising,try deep breathing,long slow breaths will help to steady you.

Got back to the docs for another checkup and discuss your options.

Hope you find this helpful xxxx


Your doctor doesn't seem worried about it so I guess you shouldn't either.

Anything wrong and she'd have done something about it on the spot - if only getting further checks.

It's not worth her job to let a possible problem slide by untreated.


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