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Why am I extremely absorbant and impressionable to the point where I can see exactly what is happening clearly yet can't even change it?

Every little thing is shaping me and it is all clear and easy for me to see yet it still happens and I cannot prevent it! Even though I recognize it precisely as it happens, I can do nothing to affect it, just as if I was completely ignorant of what was happening!

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I know what you are saying...Needless to say in my case this mostly relates to an on/off relationship. My partner has had a drink problem in the past and had been really making an effort to control this. Other matters have now raised their heads (a sudden death in family for one) and now it would appear yet again, I am to blame for EVERYTHING that has gone wrong...I don`t think so...


Story of my life! !


Same here. If this was happening to someone else I can completely rationalise what is happening and too a point I can with myself. Until the 'panic' takes over and then I start double guessing myself ... " what if this time something is really wrong with me " even though I know it's not. Another one of the joys of anxiety xx


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