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5 day ECG

I went to my doctor this morning for my results. He said theirs nothing wrong and it's normal. All the sensations I felt and I had 3 major panic attacks with the lead on. I asked can I have a look and I saw things like PVC and vt ect I'm sure my doctor would know about it and wouldn't fob me of. I'm still wondering what causes the fast heartrate in the mornings tho. Dam health anxiety! Lol anyone had a 5 day ECG ect?

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Will its normal to experience some PVCs just people with anxiety notice it more as for vt ect don't know probably the same.

Fast heart in the morning wakes you up or are you already awake and just sitting or laying down?

Because I was just here sitting down and my heart beat fast for a minute and then went back to normal :(


I wake up normal then get a rush feeling witch sets it of:(. That's what sets my panic attacks of to. Thinking I'm having a heart problem. Even tho my doc says it's fine lol


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