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I have a girlfriend in China who badly wants me to visit and meet her parents. However I suffer with extreme anxiety and panic attacks and have trouble leaving the house, much less go and a 11+ hour flight twice (there and back). My sister thinks I can dope myself on strong medication for the trip. Is that possible at all? Any advice? Bearing in mind I went to London Wembley arena, had such a big anxiety attack that I was really unwell for a week, I couldn’t leave the house in months. That was back in 2008 and I still have a lot of difficulty leaving the house because of it.

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HI Suffolk x To me this one is really the test of mind over matter, if she really matters anxiety wont have to mind x Have you spoken to your gp?? Maybe thats the best place as there are some medications that could maybe help short term but I think long term some therapy could help x Sometimes when you have a major panic attack it can mean that you withdraw into the home, but remind yourself that when you did go to Wembley what truly was the worst that happened ? your still here so not the worst was it xxx Keep on telling yourself that its anxiety and it cannot hurt you and will not stop you x Hope you get where you need to be x Donver


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