Anxiety at it's peak :-(

I've not been on for a while...I was having cbt therapy which kinda worked and now this stupid anxiety is back with a vengeance....currently in the middle of an attack, I've been ok most of the day but now grrrrr...I've had ear infection after ear infection. One dr said possible inflammation in my arteries which clearly worried me, another said it's just tmj in my jaw but gave me meds to take that inflammation down. Tonight's started after I ate too much I think and my stomach started hurting, ear ache, keep checking my lips not blue, nails not blue and checking my pulse ....stupid stupid anxiety I want my life back.


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  • I know what you are going through, health anxiety was sometimes worse than my panic attacks. CBT is very useful, I hope when your anxiety peeks that you are using what you have learned. I have suffered from panic attacks and health anxiety most of my life and finally feel that I have a life. What I have learned is that , even if you are feeling good you need to walk, drink chamomile tea, which is a natural antidepressant and works wonders on your digestive system and refuse to worry, worry will only trigger more anxiety. I have TMJ and it causes so may symptoms including the ones you mentioned above. Everything is going to be ok.

  • Thanks Pamela , I know I'm not alone as a lot on here have the same thing, not a fan of chamomile tea yuk. But thank you for your reply.

  • Hi!

    Oh my that's what I do check my lips and nails for discoloration. And like you some days are great some not so great :( like today in just a mess. I'm going to try the chamomile tea like Pamela suggested.

    I have tmj and get what you describe try to catch yourself grinding your teeth and stop.


  • Hi yaz thanks for your reply, it's horrid having it all anxiety ibs and tmj I'm sure everything is directly linked

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