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Hi everyone :-)


Hope ur all ok? I'm happy today......for once. I feel like the old me and it feels good :-) had a fry up for tea as haven't had one for months. So going to drink my cuppa and clean up, have a bath and relax. I've relaxed most the day other then I popped home with my sister and hoovered up and fed the cats and dogs. Waited for OHs sister to come to decorate and leave her the money for kids beds. Then came back to my moms and our two friends poped round was nice to c them. There sisters to. The one is pregnant and due the day before me with a girl. Then I went back home and put sum stuff away in the kids bedroom. OH and is sister moved the furniture and there room is done and looks lovely. So all I've got to do is sort there the rest of there stuff out I'm there and make there beds. That's all upstairs sorted......result it's all looks amazing and I'm over the moon now it's all coming together. Friday she's starting hall/stairs/landing and them living room. Kitchen will get done once four of my cats go. I love my cats but I'm only keeping the eldest 3, other 4 going to a last that as no kids and treats them like babies. Makes it easyer to know they be looked over. That's the end of this month but I've had to put them in the kitchen as they will my wallpaper. I can't have 7 cats with a baby as there's just to much cat hair about. I don't want to and I've been putting getting rid of the dog off. Keeping the younger but the eldest one I can't trust with anyone and wen OH not in any little noise he doesn't shut up, even howls to. But I just don't know wat to do as I love him even thou he's like he is. He gets his self in frenzy a where he he pins the other dog to the floor and as gone for my eldest and OH.

Other then that it's today's been fine, think it's all the relaxing I done last night :-) having back pain and tightenings every so often since about 5 this evening. Well I'm not anxious tonight about it, I'm like well he will come when he's ready and what goes in as to come out. Xxx

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HI Donaf x Glad to hear you are happy x :) Wow your days always sound so busy x Its nice to hear you have another room all done, I bet its all looking lovely x Always makes you feel accomplished and proud when you have a room newly decorated x Its a shame about your cats but that is a lot and I agree with a baby it will be hard x And a lot of hoovering lol x I have a dog and he is the same, the minute the hubby goes out pines and yowls until he returns x Drives me crackers some days x Enjoy your bath and relaxing xx Donver x

Hi donaf

lovely to hear you feeling happy :-)

Jules x

I'm glad to hear you are well and not feeling anxious. Kuddos!


Hi Donaf

It s such a beautiful sensation to feel free from anxiety for a day!!

Enjoy it!


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