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What makes us worry about things happening?!

What makes us worry about having a heart attack when we've been told outlr hearts fine? A stroke when we've been told we wont? Why cant we just believe them i worry about a heart attack till the point I'm having a panic attack when I've been told 3 times my hearts fine and the risk is near impossible i dont get it, deep down I know it wont but something keeps tellin me it might, any advice?x

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Just shows the power of the mind, I have been told 3 times I'm fine by the doc. you just need to trust the test results and ur doc to a point, I feel better now I'm not worrying so much and all the aches are just part of anxiety so just let them happen. Hope that kinda helps mate :)


It's part of the anxiety, it's gets our bodies on high alert so even when we get the "you are healthy" our mind won't drop it till you are relaxed and there's no adrenalin running through your blood to stop the racing thoughts of the what ifs.

Just think of the moments when you let go and the pain and/or thoughts subside.

Unfortunately for us constant anxiety people it's difficult to let go.

I've thought about ending just trying to escape those thoughts cause in pure honesty I'm not living always thinking the what ifs.

At first my thoughts were on blood clots after being reassured after 10000 xs I finally let it go.

Now I'm thinking ovarian/cervical cancer having abdominal pains and out of control periods. I had cervical cancer before my recent test were negative for it but I still think what if when I m able to forget about all this I'm perfectly fine I just wish that it stays that way.


My advice is try living in the now each minute focus with all your might on what you are doing give yourself a little task to begin with such as folding clothes or a craft whatever you enjoy and try to go through it only focusing on the thing at hand and be proud of yourself for whatever lil seconds you were able to forget about your what ifs.


You feel you heart racing thinking heart attack: find a mirror look at your skin if you have color and look healthy tell your self that "you look fine you are okay" then breath in breath out till u get ur heart rate down

Headache lay down close your eyes massage your head, or peel an orange smelling it and the act of peeling it is therapeutical and it's tasty :)




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