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hi I have been feeling dizzy and getting head aches if feels like my head is foggy and I get pressure between my temples and my ears feel

blocked I have been to doctors loads of times and they say ears are fine blood pressure is fine when I drive home from work and stop symtoms seem to come on and feel really dizzy and head feels like it has pins and needles I went to asda on night ...

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Hi ste sounds like anxiety a lot of what you describe are common symptoms it seems. After reading this site ear infections are common in anxiety sufferers, when you leave work and the symptoms start again it's as if your brain has time to think and focuses on the anxiety side of things. Sometimes it comes on when you least expect it or you are not thinking if other things. Maybe worth asking your gp if it could be anxiety :-) hope you start to feel better soon


Hi Ste if ur gp rules out other possibilities and U have these symptom possibly along with other issues like concentration problems and increased sensitivity to things like noise its a very good chance its anxiety. Has any life issue happened that might have been a trigger. I am much better in terms of controlling my own anxiety still get the symptoms U describe pretty constantly. Often more obvious when im not occupied doing something else. Anxiety makes U more sensitive to everything including pain. Try as best U can to ignore the symptom, really hard I know. Take care Mike


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