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How do people cope with constant anxiety in chest? Ruins ability to relax at all

I'm so wound up as the anxiety in my chest always seems to be ready to surge more and I cant do the things I usually enjoy like watching tele or reading as it seems to make it worse-ive only had these symptoms for a few weeks following some illness and low level anxieities before but this feels so intolerable! X

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Hi Maisie:)

First off, have you been to the doctor and got checked out?

If not it might be worth going just to put your mind at rest.

There are a few suggestions I could give you.

CBT ... Is a talking therapy and is a good way of tackling anxiety.

Speak to your doctor about this.

Check out " Headspace" it is a very good website that helps to keep things calm.

Have you tried herbal remedies such as Kalms or Quiet Life. Both are good.

A drop of lavender on your pillow at night helps to keep you relaxed.

There is also a good book called Overcoming Worry that I'm reading at the moment, it's proving to be a good read!:)

Hope I've given you some ideas to help:) take care xx


Thanks yummimummi, have been to dr lots in past few weeks-had a concussion 8 weeks ago-felt was dying then just starting to get over that and had stomach virus and all same symptoms thought was dying then panic surges started an have been on a rollercoaster past couple of weeks put on citalopram and made insomnia worse so gp stopped it ive got diazepam and zopiclone but just feel desperate fo dread symptoms to go- I have found itvhelpful to hear ofvothers experiences- am off sick at present and couldnt function at work at present-will def check out that website-gp suggested it as well and have just managed to set up tab today so easier than on a phone- thankyou x


No problem Hun, happy to help :) xx


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