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I can't seem to relax :/

It feels as if things are getting the worse they have been yet, I can't relax i was taking tablets that make me feel worse, I'm still on the waiting list for CBT... That's been nearly 6 months now. I went for a walk for the first time in ages last week I didn't go far, I just went down the road and back I didn't want to go too far Incase I felt uncomfortable but seeing as tho I haven't Been out since September anything was better then nothing. Since the walk I have had more panic attacks and have never felt so on edge, I was hoping to speak to someone else that has been or going through this to see what calms and relaxs them

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HI, Sorry to hear your not feeling to good. I can fully understand what you are going through though. I really think maybe its time to go back and speak to your gp, and see if they can help speed up your c.b.t. Also you could discuss your medication and if they are not suiting you, find some that maybe will make a difference.

Well done on going for your walk that is a huge achievement when you are so anxious. More so when you say you have not left the house in 6 month. Keep doing this, it may seem scary but the one way to come to terms with your anxiety and how you feel it to keep facing those feelings. We learn to get over anxiety not by a magic cure, but by simply learning its part of who we are, everyone has it, its just the way its handled that makes it so different. When I am in panic mode, I tend to try to find things to take my mine off it. I also write down how I feel in a book so that when I see the therapist it shows my mood pattern and anxiety patterns for the week x Try some breathing exercises, the type you may do when warming up for exercise or yoga they do help x A few on here recommend the headspace site for tips in keeping calm to xx Hope this helps xx Donver x


Thanks I haven't been out since September until my walk last week. There's nothing the GP can do it's a waiting list for more intense cbt as I haven't been out for so long I need more 1on1. I can't just skip the waiting list unfortunatly. I was wondering if any meds seem to help with calming?


Oh that's a shame they cannot bump you up, they did with me as I have now been in the house for 15 months x I don't go out and I cannot go out x Fear is present and its taking some getting rid x I see a therapist on one to one but Im now progressing x I think its a case of going to the gp and asking for different meds, as they are so many to choose from, I cannot really help any more with meds as Ive never been given any other than propanol which where good to the extent it calmed the adrenalin and such but not for me x Some have tried the more natural methods such as Kalms and Rescue remedy and they report good things x Maybe these are some to take into account x My biggest piece of advice is to keep going, go out dont stop in at all every day just go, if its to the end of the path and back just go x Staying in will not help, it will add more problems x Donver x


I'm sorry to hear that.

My brother was that bad for a couple of years. He slept all day, up all night and didn't go over the door. Panic attacks whenever he was forced to go out (job centre) and was physically sick. He didn't get better until he started taking citalopram and doing CBT. He was on the waiting list for about three years but when things started getting worse like self-harming they fast-tracked him (at least I think that's what happened, not sure if he jumped the queue or anything I could have that wrong). He is so much better now. He goes out on his own by choice and is now thinking about getting into work whereas before that wasn't conceivable for him. His anxiety is much lower now.

It makes me feel hopeful that people with anxiety can change. CBT is only offered to those who really need it, the fact I can get a job means I don't think I'd even be considered for the list. But I would like to do CBT to change the way I think, my thoughts can be dark and self-loathing.

Altho the waiting list is long depending on how bad you are I'm not entirely sure how it works, but at least you know CBT does work and it works to a great extent. You are on the list so you know you will get to see a psychiatrist who can really help you to change your life. You will get help, just keep on at your doctor. You just have to play the waiting game unfortunately because there are so many people out there who need help, emotionally and physically. It's sad how many people need help to cope.


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