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What does it mean to have an underperfroming Liver?

I want to start ART (treatement) and am told that myliver is underperforming. I first checked in December when I had a GUI infection and was drinking tons during this Festive African Summer too! My liver was at 79 or so...whatever that means.

I see the Dr every week and in Jan, the liver began to pick up to 49. I reduced alcohol drastically from December. In Feb, though, my liver went back to 69! I was shocked as I drink max 3 beers a week...if at all. I was taking Immunace, Selinium, Vit Bcomplex, and decided to stop these in Feb. I am about to go again now to the DR,after three weeks to see if stopping these multivitamnis had an impact. Does anybody know what could be happening-why these fluctuations??

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This is Anxiety Support & just wondered maybe reading your post if you looked in the section " Communities " they have a wide range of communities on Health Unlocked I am sure there will be one that will be able to answer your question a lot better than we could

I hope you get some support :-)

If you have any anxiety issues & you post you will get lots of support on here with that :-)

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