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Still anxious to take sertraline 50mg

I posted the other day about these pills as I was already anxious I don't like pills however I will do anything to make me feel better so I can go out more, then I read the leaflet which to be honest stopped me taking them. However over weekend felt a bit better about them. My dr said to take in morning and this might sound silly but what if I wake up in the afternoon can I still take them anytime? I sometimes don't sleep early so wake up about 12. Praying I don't get side effects when I take them as my phobia is sick. Thank you all in advance I appreciate it :)

Joy xx

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Hi joy

Well I am no doctor but I suppose every ones morning starts when they get up !

So I couldn't see how it would harm you

However , why don't you phone the chemist the number should be on the pack of meds & just ask them , they are very good with giving advise on things like this & that would give you peace of mind

Let us know how you get on





hi just, you can take sertraline at any time of the day, as long as you only take the stated dose, jasper xx


hello,I had a giggle when I read you didn.t get up until 12,somedays I sleep til one,but then I don,t go to bed early either,it could be 3 or 4 even,before I can settle to sleep,anyway getting back to the sertraline,they effect people differently,take a half one,and see if it makes you tired, if not,then take it in the morning,my sisters take these,one takes it in the morning,the other one has to take it at night,you wont know till you try one,they had no side effects atall...hope this helps love Miarose xx

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