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long time no see :)

hi every one i had a break from this site i crashed and burned felt it wasnt for me .just a little update my son is out in 2 weeks seems to be fine .had a liver test that was fine .loving the house now even though i have a little cry now and again think im settled .i decided not to take my tabs for 4 days coz i hate depending on them and i did nothing but cry and take my mood out on every one :( so im taking them again heres hoping my son makes good this time and i wish you all well x i joined this site in my hour of need when i was really desperate and low and it really helped me get through so thank you all .will give an update some time soon

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Hi Scooby,

Lovely to get an update and to hear that you're doing ok :)

It's natural to still have your moments. You've been through a lot of life changing events, all at once. It will take you time to adjust.

Hope everything goes well with your son.

Keep in touch.

Best Wishes,



Lovely to see your post , I have been wondering how you are :-)

Great news about your son , sounds like everything has repaired itself & he now has a good start to moving forward with his life :-)

I am pleased you have settled in & maybe coming of the meds was not the best idea as yet & when you do if you can remember to do it with your GP as coming of them all of a sudden will make you feel quite bad , but I would leave that for now

Hope you are still enjoying babysitting your lovely Grandchildren :-)

Thanks for letting us know how you are & it would be lovely if when you feel like it you will let us know how you are :-)

Take Care





hi Scooby, great news about your son and your house, please keep in touch with us, love jasper xx


Hi Scooby,

Thanks for the update I often wonder about people when they stop posting.

Glad you feel more settled now in your home. Great news about your son doing okay as well.

Wishing you all a happy and peaceful future.

gardener x


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