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Go away stupid bug/virus !

I am no longer loving this bug/virus. It's been with me for almost 2 weeks and really not fun anymore. I now have a full on cold with this other bug and it;s not nice. I am also having issues at work. It's panto time and we had training and were given 2 free tickets to the dress rehearsal on Friday. I didn't know if I was working so I am taking my Mum, told my Boss who ripped into me about my lack of commitment (I've done loads of shifts) and then he dropped me from Friday night and ended the chat with ' No way we would want you to work here fully'.

I was shocked. During the training all the other volunteers came and I was shocked to see them all, not worked with any of them to be honest! We also got 6 new people who just started so why can't they do the Friday night!?

I guess this so called free job is starting to do my head in. I see no full or part time job coming when it ends. I feel now we are all being used but were told jobs might happen when we signed up for it. Ah well, another 3 months left. Seeing my doctor next Friday and if I am still feeling bad, I might take some time off and get well.

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The virus I've just had is still lingering, it's so far taken about 3 weeks. So try not to worry about it.

Take care x


it is good you're seeing the doc and might be able to take time off. I spent most of this year fighting infections and it's only now that I've managed to sort out a bit of a break from a lot of stress and have a new game plan that I have got better. I am now making sure i eat lots of fruit and veg and take vitamins and zinc when I remember. it is so frustraing re the panto but as you know anger can give way to anxiety which mucks up our immune systems. if you are ruminating on it, have you tried mindfulness? it's like meditation but you concentrate on what's around you. going for a walk or doing the dishes where you actually concentrate on the colours, smells, sounds... anything external. it's a useful way to get away from our internal world of unhelpful thoughts. I thought this was all codswollop but so far it's working for me. hope that helps x


The idea of walking is a good idea anxietyrr. My Brother does that every single day and it helps him clear his head so I might start doing that and taking my mind off everything. The whole panto thing really upset me, my new boss isn't the most understanding or down to earth guy. Shouldn't take it to heart I guess


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