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Not good at the moment

Hi All, just wanted to come on and chat about my anxiety levels coming back with a vengeance!! sick if speaking to friends/family/partner and hearing the words "Your doing it yourself your making yourself worse, you worry if you have nothing to worry about, snap out of it and so on and so on. Do they not think i have heard this before and feel the same way, frustrated and at times angry and terrified???? I was starting to feel alot better and considered going to see my GP and reduce my dose of daily citalopram from 20mg to 10mg then just went really down hill and can't seem to come back, feeling really low, desperate, scared and the anxiety has returned. I seem to be scared of everything at the minute. Anyhting can set me off a joke from my boyfriend, being invited out with friends any social occassion even if its just me and my boyfriend. I'm really at a loss and feel like i have taken one step forward and three back again over the last couple of months. It doesn't help that i think the citalopram space me out a little bit and are making me more forgetful and quite numb at times, does anyone else have the same feelings that are taking citalopram??


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Hi, i don't take any meds for anxiety but I know where you are coming from x i think yeah im cured brilliant and then boom its back. I think with anxiety we must realise its something that will never go away as its something we all have, its just a matter of control and telling ourselves nothing bad will happen x This is easier said that done i know, but don't give up now you have come some far x you may fear that your friends and family are sick of you but they are not, they just want to see you better xx They like us get frustrated at the fact we are on this roller-coaster and live for the day normal life resumes x At the moment it seems bad but it will go againxx keep up with the meds x Donver


Hi bunny

Sorry to hear you are suffering at the moment. I don't know how long you have been on your meds, but if you feel they are not working for you maybe a trip to your GP might be in order.

Are you getting any other support, counselling, CBT It can be hard for those closest to us to understand Anxiety

they want to fix things for us and when they can't I think it hurts them as well.

I had a tough weekend when I was so anxious and frightend, but if you would have asked me what I was so stressed out about I would not have been able to tell you, it was like my mind was going into hyper drive.

Yet the last two days have been so different from the weekend, I have had a stress free 2 days which has been great.

Hope you are feeling a bit more chilled tonight, thinking of you.



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