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Good afternoon everbody, hope u all enjoyed the sunshine!

I'm not a regular poster here due to workshift pattern but try to read posts and respond when i can. Thanks a lot for ur advice and help.

Been a worrier for a long time and anxiety has played harvoc with my life.Of late been feeling some slow progress in feeling good. Now i'm practising to let go of things and live for the day. I now know and sense the triggers and tackle them there and then by constantly reasurring myself that it's ok not to worry, that does not mean i don't care but means i'm protecting my health. I'm also learning meditation which helps especially when i can't sleeop at night. Also doing things that i enjoy most.

Not to worry used to be luxury that lasts only for minutes. Now i'm truly accepting things that i can't change and live for the moment. It's still feels strange not to worry for days as if i've missed something but it feels good.

I don't mean the above always work but i can see a long stretch of being calm which means there's a light at the end of dark tunnel.

I wish everybody in this site all the best and good night.


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It's good to read your positive post and to know that you're making real progress in accepting your anxiety but learning how to deal with it - you're finding solutions and ways to work around it that are helping you bob up to the surface when waves of worry wash towards you. Well done - Long may it continue!


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