just watched bedlam on channel 4, very powerful insight into O. C. D.. it give me a much better insight to the complex workings of the mind, it can happen to anyone at any time, did anyone watch the programme? would love to hear from anyone who suffers from OCD, think the the programme ended on a happy note when james went back to his parents , must have so hard for them, xx


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  • Hi good looking :-/

    No not watched it yet , I will be its taping at the moment

    Yes I suffer with OCD , will let you no what I think when I have watched it :-)




  • Hi Newton, I am a anxiety sufferer with slight ocd. Well so I thought, until I watched that! I forget that the two connect with more than the urge to count and clean. I really felt for these people, as I could totally understand the pain and anguish going round in there heads like a washing machine on spin;. My take was that no matter what symptoms you had as in the toilet problem, etc it was all linked to the thoughts that we truly believe. And the more we allow ourselves to believe that these thoughts will "get us" the worse we will become. But I guess as the programme showed its easier said than done x In the end the answer seemed to be face your demons x Dont do the things you fear and you will always fear, but confront and put to rest and you can live xx I wonder what happened to headless, rubber glove man??

  • hi donver, I agree with your views entirely. xx

  • Well I have watched it

    I have OCD not in the same ways as these sufferers but the fear I could feel for them as they were trying to over come it

    Mine is more with germs , rituals of cleaning , & if I dont do certain things something bad will happen

    Mine has built up over the years & I do relate to how it can make you a prisoner , as even with flu , I have not been able to stick to my cleaning system & my head is very upset indeed

    Depending what severity you have it depends what help you need , I am waiting for some as they do feel I need to be taken slowly as its such a part of me & like it was said , I believe I will always have it but its learning to deal with it I need help with

    Well I no what I am trying to say but maybe hard to explain unless you suffer yourself

    I would make am exception though for Will-i-am :-/




  • I watched it last night and could really relate to James turmoil in his head, it's the over thinking that gets to me the most, and watching James talk really fast I could relate to.

    I know I have to face certain fears to understand my anxiety and that's what they are fears, but sometimes it is easier said than done.

    All in all a very good programme to help people with and without anxiety OCD to see what is really going on in their heads and how it effects their lives.

  • Hi

    I also really relate to jameses ruminating thoughts

    Good programme

  • hi gardener & angel , it just goes how many types of anxiety there is & severity of the condition. hope you are both well. xx

  • I watched that program too. It certainly was an eye opener. I am very interested in psychological issues. My eldest daughter suffers with O.C.D.

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