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Blood pressure again

Grrr. I thought I was doing quite well, gradually overcoming my anxiety, then all of sudden I get health anxiety because of a high blood pressure reading. I now have a monitor at home, and am finding that I am fairly high a lot of the time. Looks like I may need to go on tablets. Trouble is I am sure it is my anxiety causing the high BP, and then I worry about having high BP. You just cannot win!! At least my mood is generally not too bad at the moment.

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Hi GrayEm

I remember you posting about getting the blood pressure monitor

I take meds for my blood pressure

Before when it was high , I had many conversations with my GP over it because I panicked

I remember mentioning those machines you can buy & her telling me not to waste my money

It was explained that during the day every ones blood pressure will fluctuate , plus having anxiety as well , no doubt mine would be high the moment I knew I was taking it which was right

I had to be monitored over a period of time , till my GP was satisfied it wasnt coming down on its own , also now some GP'S will have a blood pressure machine , like this heart ones that you wear for 48 hours , which give accurate readings while you are active , resting , sleeping etc

I no what its like when we are worried & it makes us anxious , I would see GP , I would be very surprised if they came to a conclusion about your blood pressure without carrying out their own tests

I have a med fear , but believe it or not , blood pressure tablets . I do take , no side effects & they keep mine normal , so IF you do end up that yours wont stay down , its not so bad as meds will soon get it in check if they are needed

You will have to let us no how you go on when you see your GP





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