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Well ive done something this morning that ive been putting off for months. Ive made an appointment at the docs. The fear that I'll get the diagnosis I dread has put me off for so long. Stupid thing is its not just the diagnosis its all the rubbish that comes with it. I can't stand the thought of people knowing somethings wrong or how they will react. Ive told two people about this but even they dont know ive actually made an appointment. So in ten minutes im heading off on my own :-( ive had far too long to think about this time to bite the bullet.

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Hi, i hope it goes well and your doctor is helpful, i had exactly the same thing yesterday so i know how your feeling. Remember you dont have to tell anyone you dont want to, goog luck, post on here later and let us know how you got on.

hugs looking glass xxx


Hope the appoinment goes well and you tell them exactly how you are feeling. They are there to help you.And remember, depression/ anxiety is an illness so if you are prescribed meds that's fine.They will help you cope with this and help you to get better. Please let us know how it goes. All the best, Julie xx


Thankyou both. Just telling the doc what was wrong reduced me to tears. Its totally unrelated to the depression and anxiety its something very life changing and something I have to deal with as scarey as it is. I have to go back next week. Then its tests and scans for me. Just hope my bf is aware of how much a crumbling mess I am gonna be x


Good Luck,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I hope youre ok............. love and hugs xxxxxxxxxxx


Thankyou anne. Me too I feel like once im over this hurdle things just have to start getting easier to cope with xxxx


times like these are always hard hun, the waiting is worse I think especially when we have anxiety. But it will pass!!

Hang in there............

Luv xx



Its not a stupid fear at all , I think so many of us have had or still do have the same fear

Well done though , I no how much courage this will have taken for you to do this

Maybe write down what you want to say , incase you get tongue tied

I no when we have fears they are very real to us which then causes anxiety & round it goes , but I look forward to seeing how you go on , I bet just like me , your fear isnt half as bad as you think its going to be

Hope you feel proud of yourself , you have taken a big step here :)





Thankyou whywhy. I will try keep you all up to date. My biggest fear is not that something serious is wrong its if there is something serious is wrong will the enemy try n take my kids "because I can't cope"? Or worse my family pretending to actually care when I know different. I hate having a mind like mind and not being able to fight wen it really counts. Im just worn out with the rubbish atm....


I understand your fear , used to have the same one myself , but believe me no one will take them any where

Having anxiety , depression , doesnt make you a bad parent , in fact I think it can make you the total opposite as we try extra hard

I no when its your fear its hard , but I hope you can believe me a little bit when I say this is your anxiety making you think this way & it WONT be reality

Good luck :)

Look forward to your post when you have been :)



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