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God morning:)

God morning:)

So I've had a good night sleep (finally!!) took my daughter to college, doggies walked,washing on,hoovering done. Feeling positive that is until I opened the paper (the sun) So I'm warning you,if you've not read the paper yet,don't read the middle pages of the sun!

I'm dismissing what I've just read and right now I'm really cross as I think that these so called researchers should be alittle careful with what they say!

Ok .... Rant over and breathe!!:))

The suns out :) May do alittle gardening after This Morning had finished.

Have a good day guys;) xxx

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Morning :)

Well I dont buy a paper , I do go on line though & now after what you have said , this is going to be a bit like a no googling challenge for me , not to go on & look :-/

You have been busy , you always seem to have so much energy , wish you would send some my way :)

Phil & Holly today ?

I love that pic , is the dog wearing a hat , so cute :D

Hope you have a lovely day :)




PS , you put God Morning , thought you had gone all religious on us for a moment :D


Morning luv:}

Yes he is wearing a hat!! His name is diesel {dizzy for short}:} He makes my day always makes me laugh when im on my own.

Gosh i must read my posts before posting:}} I haven't gone all religious:}} Yes its Phillip and Holly my favourites.

As for the energy...if i have any left ill send your way hunni:}}!

Hope you have a good day xxxx


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