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Good day apart from an upset tummy:(

Afternoon peeps, my day started ok until after lunch.

Just finished walking the doggies when I suddenly felt unwell:(

My tummy is not happy. But I have to say I am remarkably calm about it. I've drunk some ginger tea which seems to of settled it.

Don't think I will be eating the dinner I've made though.... Chicken curry! It's been cooking since this morning and is a favourite in our house.... Think I'll stick to toast!! Hope you've all had a good day:) Hugs x

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Oh dear & no , chicken curry & upset tummy , might not be a good mix

I think there has been a tummy bug going about , my son was ill for a couple of days last week , saying it was his stomach , I hope you feel better tomorrow :)

Now this is double standards coming from me , as I cant do it , but think you can , so try & have a nice relaxing evening :)





Thanks Hun...good advice as always:) Hope you have a good evening.x


Hi yummymummy, shame you can't eat the curry after you've had it cooking all day, sounds nice, wish I could cook, I tend to use ready made sauces, anything quick and easy :)

Ginger tea sounds good might have to get some x

Mimii x


Oh god not already! I mean, it`s only September, & already stomach bugs are making the rounds! Not news that I want to read, being emetophobic!


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