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any advice for a worried wife?

Hi everyone this is my first time on here and could really do with some help. My hubby is going through some anxiety at the minute and I just don't know how to help. I get so frustrated then feel really guilty, I'm worried I'm just making it worse! I try to talk to him and listen to how he's feeling but it's so hard to understand. What can I do to make him feel better?

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Try and get him to see the GP, go with Him and give encouragement, I do not know His age and really you need to sit down with him and try to get him to open out to you, if that is not possible some talking therapy may be a good idea.

There always must be something wrong, so has he got family that can give him a little shove.

Hope that helps good luck to you both


If I could have told my ex partner anything that they could have done to help..it would have simply been to be to show more empathy, you don't have to understand what it feels like to suffer from panic and anxiety but showing that you care is enough to make anyone feel better...unfortunately my ex thought it was all my own fault and that didnt help me.

Just reassure hubby that you are there if he needs anyone and hopefully he will start to confide in you.



Firstly, welcome :) It's great that you've come on here and it's really clear that you want to understand what he's going through so please don't blame yourself for getting frustrated and feeling guilty - it's a really difficult problem to explain to someone.

I can only talk from my own experience and what would help me, but as someone who's had anxiety for a long time the one thing I'd ask for is patience. You don't need to fully understand his anxiety, but if he tells you what bothers him specifically you can just be patient with those circumstances. For example, I have social anxiety and the worst thing for someone to do is to encourage me by forcing me into a social situation. It doesn't make things easier for me because I haven't been able to handle the problem myself - I've been pressured into it.

I hope I've made some sort of sense?! Patience and no pressure is ideal, but I understand it must be so hard to 'get' where he's coming from. You've taken a big step by asking on here :)

I've gradually grown to accept anxiety not as a problem I have but just part of my personality. It's an aspect of me. It used to be the elephant in the room for many years, now it's just how I am and there's nothing that would mean more to me than for those closest to me to embrace that like they do other aspects of my personality :)

All the best,

Katy xx


Hi worriedwife

I no it must be just that a worry having to watch a loved one suffering with anxiety

You say you dont no what to do , if it helps as an anxiety sufferer I dont think we do at times either , so you cant be expected to

Knowing you are there for him will be a huge help & even though you wont understand how it feels , been there to support him , believe me goes a long way & is as much as you can do

Dont feel guilty if you feel frustrated at times , that is normal , again we feel frustrated as well & we are suffering , so of course you will feel the same

Could you not get him to look at this site , maybe he wont but if he could see he is not on his own it might help

You are always welcome to come & talk to us , have a rant , ask us questions & we will help where we can :)

Let us no how things go , & he is a lucky man to have a caring wife like you :)





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