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Nice chilled weekend :-)

So yesterday consisted of sorting through the kids cloths !!! And cleaning round not much fun but had to be done. Today on the other hand we have been to the market got few things for me and kids :-) then shops then home had nice dinner and chilled out afternoon catching up on stuff id recorded !!! There was a lot lol. Felt really lazy could of had a cheeky nap ;) bk in bed now kids soundo more TV then sleep lol...pluss palps still there but not as bad !!! gd weekend had :-) x hope u all had a gd one x

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Hi Stacey

Glad you have had a nice weekend :)

Going shopping with kids , its tiring , no wonder you felt like a nap

I am glad as well as treating the kids you got yourself something , sounds like you had a lovely time & this time the market was open , I think if I remember right last time it had shut when you got there

I am like you & tape everything & then I have to take some time out to catch up , it can be nice though skipping through the adverts , i dont think I see many adverts now a days :-/

Godd for you ignoring the palps , think you no its a bit of anxiety & you are telling it to go away ;)

Wont be long before the kids are back at school & then you will have your routine back & have some time for you hopefully :-)





Hi yeah it was nice :-) and lol yeah the market was open :-) the palps !!!!!!! Yeah there still here but trying not to think about it :-) normal routine !!! Ohhhhhh I can't wait its been brill going of out doing things with the kids but a bit of normal will b gd lol. Hope your well :-) x


Well Stacey , you got a little low at one stage & you picked yourself up , ignored the palps , got out & gave the kids a good time & now you will be back in a routine & getting some time back for you , so you did it & a good job at that , I hope you feel good about yourself , because you should do :)



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